“A little of this. A little of that.”
  • You must have original receipts for any electronic equipment you take to prove ownership and avoid costly duties
  • Musical instruments may require special expert treatment before being moved; a local retailer of the kind of instrument you own can usually refer you to someone who will be able to make the appropriate preparations for you
  • Expect to adopt new shopping habits. You may also need to become familiar with new clothing sizes and units of measurement. You may visit our Clothing and Measurement Conversion Charts
  • Make sure you and your family members have the necessary vaccinations for the destination country. The Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention can provide information
  • Confirm that your health plan will provide coverage in your destination country
  • Make sure that your will and other legal documents are in order prior to departure; keep them in a safe-deposit box, and appoint a trustworthy person access to the box in your absence
  • Don't pack school records, medical/dental records, or other important documents you may need immediately upon arrival in your destination country